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Danny is a 200 hr RYT, Reiki level 2 Practitioner, and a certified Y12SR Leader (Yoga and the 12Steps of recovery). She is deeply moved by the profound experiences one can have both physically and spiritually with the practice of Yoga Asana, Energy work and the study of Yogic Philosophy. She strives to continue to grow in her personal practice and in turn, has found herself inspired to teach/share Yoga with others. Off the mat, Danny enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, listening to music and exploring the world of holistic health. She believes that food, music and movement are forms of medicine. Paired with a willingness to take an honest journey deep into the mind, body and soul, anyone can heal themselves and change perspectives and behaviors. Danny truly believes that Yoga and Reiki are not only a physical practice but a way of life.

Mandy Roma, RYT, Y12SR certified and the owner of Yoga on Tilt. Mandy has been practicing for over 10 years and says yoga has saved her in many ways. Her very first black yoga mat is hanging in the studio on the brick wall. She wants everyone to walk into Yoga on Tilt roll out their mats and have an experience just like she has had.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her kids and family. They are what keeps her grounded these days, and on her toes. She seeks adventure all the time, and loves clowning and joking around. One thing that brings her peace is being on her paddle board. This is where she finds a sense of stillness when she is on the water. She also loves hitting the slopes with her kids in the winter. The thrill on top of the hills just does something for her she says. Mandy loves to travel and has been very fortunate to travel all over since she was little but OHIO is home. We get to experience all the seasons here, just like we do in life. Mandy said, she has been truly blessed.

Mandy is also a practicing hairdresser and has owned her hair business for 21 years now. She is still so passionate about making people feel beautiful and confident about themselves. Mandy has a Crystal practitioner certification, Reiki 1 & 2 certification, and has completed her (ARMT) Advanced Reiki Masters Training and (RMT) Reiki Masters Training, Color Light Therapy certification, and practices Sound Therapy also 50 hour Mindful Meditation Certification. Yoga on Tilt was a dream that became a reality. She wants everyone to walk into the studio, feel comfortable, roll out their mat and honor their Mind Body and Soul. Mandy's mission is to Help and Heal people on and off their mats.



Yoga and Astrology found me at different points in my life, but united themselves during the infamous Saturn Return.  I have always loved bodies in motion; the alignment, lines, and grace that our bodies can make.  As a young girl, it manifested itself in ballet, studying under two exceptional teachers, Marguerite Duncan and Nancy Arcury of the North Coast Ballet Company (formerly known as The Cleveland Civic Ballet Company, Cleveland’s first professional ballet company). Yoga found me years after dancing had ended. I knew I had an inner calling, but was unaware as to what was calling me. Yoga finds most of us when we are in need of change and transformation and I was no different. The yoga asana's spoke to the dancer in me, yet yoga is so much more.  It was the spirituality and philosophies that connected me to way of being that I had been longing for all of my life.  My classes are filled with challenging and flowing sequences, but it’s through our moving bodies that I bring my students into reflection in their spiritual journey.

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