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Lisa Turner,

All about Lisa, 

We are the whole universe and all the galaxies. They reside in each in every one of us. Uniquely placed within our being: in astrology we call this our natal chart. Our natal chart is created at the moment of our first breath. It is an ethereal map holding to our gifts, intrinsic nature, and karma, It is through this ancient art and science that we can better understand ourselves and the obstacles we obstacles we wencounter we encounter at certain times in our lives. During your astrological reading, I will navigate your natal chart to bring deeper awareness to the essence of your cosmic make-up. Share an understanding of the planetary transit that are impacting you most and offer guidance to help direct the energy. Most importantly. I am here to assist you in your understand on how life appears to be developing.

My intention as an astrologer and a yoga teacher is to allow our yoga practice to deepen our sense of self while using the gifts fo the universe to better understand what is unfolding in our lives. Whether it be challenges or triumphs, we learn to grow and evolve. We learn that we are always connected to something bigger than ourselves and connected to each other. 


Readings last between 60-70 minutes. Note taking or recording is encouraged as you will be given specific dates and times frames. 

Your birth day, TIME and city and birth are needed to give you the most accurate reading. If you have specific questions or areas of concern those can be looked at during your reading. 


Im excited to read your chart, Contact Lisa here. 



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