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The Full Story

Tilt Crystals 

We are so excited you found US!!!!! This has been such a Wild Journey for Us! and we can't even began to tell you how excited and honored we are to share it all with you... 


Our Soul's Purpose 
Our Soul's knew their was more to life than what we were doing so we created a space, to Help & Heal everyone that walks in our building. 

Tilted Crystal 

We will be offering all kinds of crystals in Healing Tree Crystals. Tra & Mandy are both working Crystal Practitioners. We will offer crystals classes along with other classes stay tune. We have added other items to the store that we are super excited about. 

 Inside the the Crystal store we have a treatment room. Our treatment room is a beautiful Salt & Crystal room that can be used for a treatment with a practitioner or you can rent it our for healing by the hour. You can schedule an appointment with Mandy for a Reiki, Sound Therapy, &  Color Lights. 

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