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Sweet Sweet Summertime #yogaontilt #navarreohio #healingtreecrystals

Awwww Sweet Summer I see you and we have so many things to talk about. Its been an exciting Summer around here. Traci, Myself and Rick got to experience and be apart of our first Canton Pride event and that was so much Funnnnnnnn!!!!! What a great job, Canton did at hosting this. We loved that we were able to support and raise money for Queer in Canton. We loved that we could decorate the building and have a whole month dedicated to just this. A huge thank you to everyone that supported this cause with us. We truly appreciate you. #pridemonth

Healing Tree Crystals, is full stocked up. There are some new pieces in the store along with some little crystal trees, new custom pendulums to choose from, chakra stone sets ( large or small) decks of cards and so much more. This is a must see crystal store if you havent been!!!! Also offering Healing Tree Crystal Apparel. If you haven't purchased a hoodie you are totally missing out!!!!! She is slinging crystals in that store so you better hurry up and get you a hoodie or a tank!!!! #healingtreecrystals

Yoga on Tilt, has a BIG anniversary coming up!!!! We are getting ready to celebrate 1 year!!!! yoga on Tilt is excited to go back to where we started, Suni Moon opened for us and we are excited to have her host and celebrate our 1 year with us!!!! It only makes perfect sense.

Join us Sept 17th 7pm - 8:30pm for an Amazing Sound Bath Experience and much more.

Summertime has brought lots of growth and change to our studio. We have changed the schedule and are truly realizing what is working for everyone. We as always appreciate all the feedback from all our students. Look for many more events to come. You can always find our daily schedule and events on Mind body. #yogaontilt

Metal Flowers, as always such a joy to see all the happy faces stopping by to see the metal flowers. Its brings so much happiness to see the building full of so much art and color. We want you to truly know how appreciative we are for your kind words of his art work, and we are so appreciative of your purchases, your custom orders and support. It brings Rick great joy to be able to use his talents to create beautiful art. #metalflowers

We can't wait to see what fall will bring. I am personally looking forward to decorating the building with pumpkins and all the fall things, using my Crystals to keep me grounded through this season of change and transformation, and opening those BIG garage doors to teach Yoga classes during that fall Ohio weather that I LOVE so much !!!!!!!! And by then the Kettle Corn will be popping again and AWWWWWW Bring on that Pumpkin Spice Coffee Please ......... #kornerkettle #pumpkincoffee #yogaandcrystals #coffeecrystals&yoga #whatspoppin

We can't wait to see you all through out the building!!! Make sure to say HI!!!!!

xoxo- T, M, & R

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