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-Building on Main Street -

Hi, so glad you found us, we are Building on Main Street. There are three separate business's ran out of our building. At the front of the building you can find Healing Tree Crystals. Walk in and check it out. Most likely you can find Tra the owner walking around in her bare feet talking to anyone that is in the shop about what crystal does what, and if she thinks you need it she will more likely pass a crystal out. It is something she is just called to do she literally can't help herself. Also attached to the crystals store is our treatment room. We offer Reiki, Color Light Therapy, Sound Therapy and much more out of here, however its not just a room its happens to be a Salt and Crystal room. Its pretty amazing. Now the crystal shop itself is something to see! All natural earth colors, lots of natural light from all the big windows, stone floor, and wood ceiling custom made. The color of the crystals just pop! Stop in and see Tra she is "Just Slinging Crystals"

In the middle of the building on Main Street you can find, Yoga on Tilt. This is where all the events in the building take place and is the yoga studio. We hold classes here from Sunday to Sunday starting at 5:30am and the last class of the evening being at 7:30pm. Lots of Energy, Breath Work and Movement goes on in this Studio and space. This Studio is like nothing you have ever seen. The floor is light colored, the walls are bricked all the way up and let me tell you about this ceiling, its old, rustic, open and industrial. There are big garage doors that open on the one-side of the studio, it is a feature that most studios don't have. Let me tell you that fresh air while taking a class gives me all the feels. The color changing lights on both sides of the studio are a beautiful feature as well. You will enter the Studio in the back of the building, and that is where you will sign in for your class. I am, Mandy " Yoga on Tilt' and most of the time you can find me if I'm not teaching, learning how to be bare-foot, helping out around the building, maybe in the treatment room treating a client, drinking a cup of coffee or talking with someone cause I love to talk, but you can almost guarantee I will have some pretty awesome music coming from the sound system in the yoga studio. Check the schedule out, and book a class or come to one of our events. I look forward to meeting you on your mat!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

I know your curious where and what is that third business. Let me introduce you to Holderbaum Original's. When you up pull to the building on Main Street I know you noticed all those beautiful, colorful, metal flowers and butterflies around the building on Main Street, well that is the Holderbaum Originals. Rick started creating metal work years ago. He was always so interested in metal work itself. Rick feels blessed to be able to use his hands to create beautiful pieces of artwork for everyone to enjoy he says. Rick enjoys having his art placed around the building for everyone to see. Most of the time you can find Rick in the building roaming around, walking around to the beat of his own drum. He also walks around bare foot, don't know what is it around here but he too is getting "grounded" all the time. I need to learn this!!! He is a helping hand when anyone needs him in the building. Rick is always interested when someone comes to look at the flowers as to how far they have traveled to see them, and is always curious on as how they will display them. When you see him say Hi!!!!

We at the Building on Main Street look forward to meeting you all make sure to stop and say Hi!!! We appreciate each and everyone of YOU!!!!!


Healing Trees Crystal, Tra

Yoga on Tilt, Mandy

Holderbaum Original's, Rick

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