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Fall is in the Air and Lots Happening around the Building

So so excited to share all the fun new exciting things that we have going on around the building these last couple of weeks. We have been busy around here let me tell you.

Healing Tree Crystals has exciting News to share. They have a new "fancy" glass case in their retail area with selective crystals in the case. These crystals are Tra's the store owners personal collection. However if you are interested in one of them she can do her best to find you a crystal of that name, (eye-picked) by her from all over the world. She searches multiple locations, sites, dealers for her selections and takes a ton of time doing this. These crystals can range in pricing and can take time and all have various meaning. However the wait is worth it and the pieces when they come are a true gift. Check out the pictures below and see some of these pieces she has out in her case.

Yoga on Tilt has officially been open 1 month and its exciting. We had the pleasure of having Suni Moon at the Studio with an amazing Sound Bath for opening day, and it was spectacular. The room was full and the sound enlightened the soul. What an experience! This event was truly unforgettable.

Classes are moving right along and are 7 days a week. Each one of the teachers brings something different to the mat and its really fun to try them all out. Rachel G offer's a Restorative & Reiki class once a month and if you haven't been your missing out. Truly something to experience.

It's been a honor and a true blessing to be able to Help and Heal students on and off their yoga mats. I love that everyone is really enjoying the energy of this space. Check daily for all the specials that all going on in the studio. If you have any questions, you can ask any of the teachers or contact me (Mandy).

Building on Main Street has been popping!!!! We are popping on the corner, making a "new" flower for the holiday (can you guess which flower) and just enjoying the people coming in and out of the building. There is also a New piece of art sitting in the back part of the building and it is a true piece of art! Its one of my favorites. Lots going on for the metal man!!!! Yes the rumor and instagram page is correct, the Kettle Corn stand is ours and we are having a blast with it!!!! You can call us "Corner Kernal" We don't have a schedule currently, we are just winging right now till we get in the swing of things. However we are open for suggestions. We have been asked to do parties and we are up for the challenge. We will do vendor events, wedding favors and party favors as well as long as our schedule will accommodate it. You can contact Mandy (330-268-2488) for scheduling on the events, favors or parties. The metal Man has been busy and spoken from him "if I would have known making popcorn was this much fun I would of done this years ago"!!!!! Keep Poppin Baby!!!!!

Essential Arcadia Natural Wellness - Have you met Dr Karen ? She's absolutely amazing!!!! Dr Karen is Board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, and has her Doctor of Naturopathy. She offers multiple treatments, and works right here in the building out of our Salt and Crystal room. Schedule today (330)-879-8191 visit Dr Karen's website at

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